Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018

Eastleach House Garden

Dear readers,
today I ´d like to show you pictures of Eastleach House Garden, a very beautiful private garden in Gloucestershire, England. Having visited many beautiful English gardens last week, this garden is certainly one of my favorites. The garden is owned and designed by Stephanie Richards. Stephanie and her husband moved to Eastleach House in 1982. Back then the garden was a complete wilderness and Stephanie had the idea to create a traditional country garden from scratch. It took her 35 years to create this garden paradise. Stephanie created the garden all by herself and has also been maintaining it by herself for many years. Nowadays she got two or three (can´t remember) part time gardeners to help her with the garden. Stephanie´s garden opens for the NGS, so you might visit it.  I really hope you enjoy the pictures I took of the garden and feel as inspired about it as I do. I love the way climbing roses climb up the pretty country house. Stephanie used a lot of pinks and purples in her garden- colours I absolutely love. I enjoyed the great variety of old roses in the garden and her impressive flower bed of irises. The topiary is fascinating as well. For me Stephanie´s garden is extremely inspiring and I am impressed how she manages to maintain the garden in such a wonderful state. It wasn´t surprising that whenever Stephanie wasn´t seen chatting with vistors she was seen tending for her plants (deadheading roses and irises, ectc,.). Stephanie seems so passionate about her garden. Even though famous gardens such as Mottisfont, Sissinghurst and Hiddcote impress and inspire me a lot, it is always the private gardens and their lovely owners that amaze me the most.
Have  a lovely day!
Best wishes,

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