Samstag, 1. Juli 2017

Gardener´s Propagation week July 2017: Hydrangea Cuttings

                                    Dear readers,

it is gardener´s propagation week July and in my post I´d like to show you how I take cuttings from my hydrangeas. I tried myself in taking hydrangea cuttings for the first time last year and it seems pretty easy. The two cuttings from last year  developed roots very quickly and have grown into little plants already. One of the cuttings has even been blooming this year. Compared to rose cuttings, my success with hydrangeas was much higher. Whereas, rose cuttings seem to likely rot before they develop any roots, hydrangea cuttings don´t seem prone to rotting. Please participate in Gardener´s Propagation week by writing a post about plants you propagate. Please share the link of your post in the comments.
Have a lovely week!
Best wishes,

If you would like to try yourself in propagating hydrangeas, all you have to do is take a cutting, which is about 10 cm long, cut the cutting´s leaves in half, stick the cutting into some rooting powder and finally in a small pot filled with moist sowing soil. Finally put a plastic bag over the cutting. If you´re lucky the hydrangea will develop roots and might already bloom next year.

In the following pictures you can see my two hydrangea cuttings from last year. I planted them in one container, but since they have been growing so much I will probably put each of them in their own container. Regarding winter hardiness, even as small cuttings they seem to be as hardy as the mother plant. I had the cuttings outside all winter and although we had an extremely cold winter the cuttings survived without problems. One of the cuttings already produced three blooms as you can see in the pictures. The other cutting is growing vigorously instead of producing blooms, but I am sure next year it will bloom as well.

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