Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

New flower bed

Dear readers,
I think I have already told you that my garden is quite small. I now have over thirty roses and there is just no space for more. Still, there are so many beautiful varieties of roses I´d love to plant. Since my mum has a much bigger garden, I have been successfully persuading her to let me plant some roses and other plants in her garden. Today I´d like to show you the new flower bed in my mum´s garden. We went to a garden centre outside Vienna that offers a great variety of roses and other plants. I was very much impressed by the many old roses they had and it was very difficult to choose some, I would have loved to take them all with me. I eventually chose two old roses, Kathleen Harrop, a bourbon that repeats flowering and the damask rose Ispahan.

Kathleen Harrrop

My self-made concrete ornament. You might remember the ceramic ornament I formed. I made a silicone mould of it for casting concrete and can now replicate it as often as I wish.

The rose on the left side is Ispahan

                                                                      Have a nice day!
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