Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

New flower bed

Dear readers,
I think I have already told you that my garden is quite small. I now have over thirty roses and there is just no space for more. Still, there are so many beautiful varieties of roses I´d love to plant. Since my mum has a much bigger garden, I have been successfully persuading her to let me plant some roses and other plants in her garden. Today I´d like to show you the new flower bed in my mum´s garden. We went to a garden centre outside Vienna that offers a great variety of roses and other plants. I was very much impressed by the many old roses they had and it was very difficult to choose some, I would have loved to take them all with me. I eventually chose two old roses, Kathleen Harrop, a bourbon that repeats flowering and the damask rose Ispahan.

Kathleen Harrrop

My self-made concrete ornament. You might remember the ceramic ornament I formed. I made a silicone mould of it for casting concrete and can now replicate it as often as I wish.

The rose on the left side is Ispahan

                                                                      Have a nice day!


  1. Hi Lisa, how nice that you get to plant some more roses in your mom's garden. I hope she will enjoy them, too.
    I have never grown 'Kathleen Harrop', but 'Zepherine Drouhin', which Kathleen is a sport of. 'Zepherine Drouhin' has one the most wonderful fragrance that I have ever smelled in a rose. I assume Kathleen has the same great scent as well, so you are in for a treat.
    The new garden bed looks great! I love the combination of 'Kathleen Harrop' together with the lavender and the echinacae. My only concern would be, that the roses are planted to close together, long term I mean. I would expect at least 'Kathleen Harrop' to become quite big.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Christina,
      thank you for your nice comment! Yeah, I really hope my mum will enjoy them. My mum used to have so many plants in the garden, also many roses, but now she does not want as many anymore because of all the work you have with so many plants. It is an allotment garden, thus my parents do not live there. They live in a flat with two rooftop terraces where my mum also has many plants that need her care.
      I saw your beautiful Zepherine Drouhin on your blog! Yes, Kathleen Harrop smells very nice and unique, though I never smelled Zepherine Drouhin, so I can´t say if they smell the same. At the rosarium in Baden I saw rose Martha, which too is a spot of Zepherine Drouhin and very, very beautiful. Regarding your concern, my mum also said that the roses might be too close together, but I would´t listen to her, maybe I should have. My intention is to train Kathleen Harrop along the fence as soon as it develops longer branches, and hope that this way the roses won´t interfere too much with each other. Regarding rose Ispahan, on some pictures I saw it as a quite huge plant, but at the rosarium for example it was quite small and compact. So, I guess, I will see. Thank you, have a lovely weekend too!

  2. Dear Lisa, the poppies are self seeding! Best time to sow is in autumn. Dig, rake and sow. Do not cover the seeds. Best of luck. Groetjes

    1. Dear Hetty,
      thank you for your reply! I sowed some in spring this year, but only one made it and bloomed. I will try sowing them in autumn.
      Thanks again!
      Best wishes Lisa

  3. Your roses are gorgeous. I love the colors of the plants who are growing together. There comes a smile on my face because I am thinking this color scheme was what I wanted in my garden 18 years ago when I started it. But nothing of my plans left.
    Have a wonderful day Lisa

    1. Dear Marijke,
      thank you so much for your nice comment!
      Have a wonderful day too!
      Kind regards,


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