Donnerstag, 15. März 2018

Garden Bloggers´ Bloom Day - March 2018

Dear readers,
have a happy Garden Bloggers´ Bloom Day - March 2018! I hope you are enjoying great weather for gardening as well as some pretty blooms. We had a week of wonderful warm weather in Vienna. It gave me the opportunity to not only enjoy blooms in my garden, but also to do some tidying up. With the help of a lovely friend, I finally removed the leaves that have fallen during autumn and winter. Now the garden is ready for a new happy gardening season to begin. Just that the weather is not in for it any more. After a week of sunshine and warmth, it´s getting colder again. Today was grey and dull and on the weekend it should get even worse. Minus seven degrees - everything but spring weather. Some people having locked away their warm winter jackets already, will need to pull them out again and gardening- well, it too seems to have to wait a bit. Luckily I had the chance to take some pictures of my flowering plants during the sunny days. I am very happy with my late winter/early spring border. This is an area in my garden in which I planted some cyclamen coum, galanthus and hellebores below a hibiscus bush. It´s lovely to see how the plants thrive under the bush. The cyclamen coum are self seeding. Not only next to the mother plants, but also in other areas in my garden I find the little seedlings. I am imagining how wonderful the area around this flowerbed will look in some years time. A sea of pink blooms of cyclamen coum in the borders and in the mossy grass. Wonderful, exactly what I have hoped for. I´d like to thank Carol from May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers´ Bloom Day. As always, I am excited to see the blooms that garden bloggers around the world will share today at
Have a lovely week!
Best wishes,




Iris reticulata

I am especially delighted by the colouration of this cyclamen coum plant. Unlike the other plants, the colour of its flower is a lighter pink with some darker pink stripes. Doesn´t it look unique?!

The cyclamen offspring I am so proud of.

Can you find the small seedlings next to the mother plant?

Even in the grass they self seeded. Imagine the grass brightened up by little bright pink flowers in some years time.

After tidying up- the gardening season can start.

Hellebores niger

Don´t these colours go well together?

Some primulas to cheer up my terrace.

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