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Samstag, 4. Juni 2016

Rose cuttings

Dear readers,

I remember when I was a child I took some rose cuttings with my grandma. We would just put them in the ground in the garden and they would develop roots. I tried rooting rose cuttings again last year, but they died before developing any roots, admittedly I did not put much effort into it, just stuck them into small containers and some in the garden ground and that was it.

I thought I would give it another try this year, just that I did some research on rose propagation this time. I took several cuttings of old roses and David Austin roses, wounded the cuttings around the bottom, stuck them into some rooting powder, which I had ordered  before, and then put them into small plastic drinking cups and finally put small plastic bags over them. With the help of some sizers I made holes in the bottoms of the plastic cups and as a substrate I used sowing soil, which I watered slightly.

On the web there are so many different methods and opinions on taking rose cuttings and I really hope the method I used will work for me!
Would be very excited to hear about your experiences of propagating roses from cuttings,


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