Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016

David Austin roses

Dear readers,

Having given you a small virtual tour of my garden in my last post, I´d like to show you some of my roses in more detail this time.
Since my David Austin roses are one of my favourites, I will introduce three of them in today´s post.

                     I´d like to start with a classic: Gertrude Jekyll

I am really happy with my Gertrude Jekyll rose, which I bought about four years ago. My garden is rather small and I thus cultivate some of my roses in larger containers, Gertrude Jekyll being one of them. So far the rose seems to like its container and surprises me with beautiful pink flowers and a lovely old rose fragrance every year. 


                    Another pink beauty: Mary Rose

I bought my Mary rose three years ago and it is becoming more and more beautiful every year. I absolutely love how the blooms change througout the different flower stages. At the beginning the flowers are a bright pink and then slowly fade to a light pink. Shortly before withering, the blooms very much remind me of peonies. Just gorgeous and also easy to maintain!

                             Last beauty of today´s post: Strawberry Hill

Together with another rose named Nahema, Strawberry Hill is climbing up the rose arch in my garden. Its  lovely pink- apricot flowers smell of honey and the plant´s glossy dark green foliage looks pretty too.

Well, this was today´s post, hope you enjoyed,


  1. Dear Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. Unfortunately I have to take a break from blogging, but I am certain I will pick it up soon, again. So I hope you will stop by my blog in the near future.
    Looks like we share a love for roses! Your garden is very charming and the roses seem to thrive in it. I adore all three varieties that you are featuring today.
    I have grown 'Gertrude Jekyll' in California, but she had quite a bit of powdery mildew, so she is not with me anymore, but I grow and love 'Mary Rose'. I have seen 'Strawberry Hill' in a neighbor's garden and truly appreciated the fragrance of this rose.
    Hope we stay in tough over our blogs!
    Warm regards,

    1. Dear Christina,
      thank you so much for your lovely and encouraging comment! I am certainly going to visit your blog in the future, such beautiful roses and gardens you post about, I especially like the old roses you grow! It´s great getting to know people who are as passionate about roses as I. I think it is wonderful that you had the chance to visit gardens in England and that you share them in your blog. I haven´t yet visited such beautiful gardens as Mottisfont Abbey, but I would totally love to do so in the future. Two years ago I had the opportunity to visit some lovely gardens in Ireland, which I might share with you in one of my future posts.
      Hope we will share a lot of nice pictures and ideas!
      Kindest regards,


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