Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2016

Dear readers,

I´d like to start today´s post with introducing my David Austin rose Jubilee Celebration and will then show you some other plants from my garden.

Jubilee Celebration was the first David Austin rose I bought. It is such a beautiful rose, producing many beautiful blooms in a salmon-pink with a delicious fruity fragrance. It is a very reliable rose, which I would not like to miss in my garden. Unless you give the rose some support, the large flowers will hang down a bit.




This is the first year I grow poppies, saw pictures of them in garden magazines and blogs and totally fell in love with them. So far they are doing fine and I think they look very beautiful in combination with roses.



If I were to choose two favorite plants, it would be roses and peonies. Peonies have the most outrageously beautiful blooms and for me they are extremely easy to maintain. Apart from cutting the withered flowers and  dead stems, they don´t seem to need me at all, no fertilizer or whatsoever.

I hope you liked today´s post and you might let me know what plants you grow in combination with roses,



  1. Hello Lisa - thank you for visiting my blog and following me. I notice that you are new to the world of blogs and send you a big welcome.
    Peonies are wonderful, I have several Peony trees but they have finished flowering now.
    I tried to follow you but you do not have the followers button so I will put you into Bloglovin' instead

    1. Dear Rosemary,
      thank you for your nice comment! I am happy to have joined the world of blogs! You have a very lovely blog, such blogs as yours give me so much inspiration for my own garden. One of my peonies will finish flowering soon too, but the others just started blooming. Thank you for putting me into Bloglovin, I will probably add the followers button on my blog, just haven´t yet figured everything out.
      Kind regards,


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