Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016

Variegata di Bolgnia and Russell´s Cottage rose

Dear readers,

I´d like to show you two of my beautiful old roses today.


                                                            Variegata di Bologna

Variegata di Bolognia is a bourbon rose from 1869 by the breeder Bonfiglio. I have bought it early this spring, so it is still a small bush, but has nevertheless surprised me with many beautiful blooms. The woman I bought if from told me it will become a huge rose bush one day, so I am very excited how this rose will develop in my garden. Regarding flowering, some people say it is an once bloomer, others say it repeats flowering. I would love to see it flower a second time this year! Do you have this rose and if yes how often does it bloom for you?

                                                            Russell´s Cottage Rose

I bought this rose as Russell´s Cottage rose, though I think it is more commonly known as Russelliana. It is from 1826 by the breeder Russell. Three years ago I was looking for an easy going rose that would climb up the right side of my rose arch. The spot were it grows is quite shady and right next to my neighbor´s thuja. Certainly not the perfect spot and when I planted it I did not even mind to put new compost to it, but as you might see from the pictures- it is thriving very well. That is the wonderful thing about ramblers, they will just do without any great help.

Have a nice day!

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