Montag, 19. September 2016

Rose cuttings

Dear readers,
it has been quite a long time since my last blog entry and today I´d like to show you how my rose cuttings have developed since then. Although many cuttings rotted and thus died before developing any roots, I now have quite a number of cuttings that developed roots and grew into small plants. They are about three months old now and I am very proud of them.

Since I repotted them into bigger containers with rose soil, they have been growing vigorously.

                                      Has anyone else tried taking rose cuttings this year?
                                                                      Best wishes,


  1. Hi Lisa, I think you had tremendous success growing rose bands from cuttings, congratulations! It must feel wonderful, do be able to propagate all these roses. I wonder though, what you will you do with all the baby roses?
    Even though I consider myself a passionate rose lover, I have never tried to grow roses from cuttings. I find it hard enough to grow the baby bands that I get when I order from online nurseries. I do have quite a bit of losses there...
    Looking forward to seeing your baby bands become more mature and even more exciting seeing them bloom for the first time.
    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Christina,
      thank you for your nice comment! Yeah, I am quite happy about my baby roses! Well, I was thinking the same "What will I do with all these roses?", especially since my garden is very small and already full with roses. However, I am very lucky, because my parents are going to move into a house soon and I will overtake their allotment garden. This second much bigger garden provides me with a lot of space for new plants and thus I will plant some of the roses in my new garden. I will also give some of them to friends or to my mum for her new garden. I would like to leave the roses into their pots till spring before I plant them in the garden. I just hope it won´t be a problem because of the cold in winter, but since I planted them into relatively big containers, I hope they will not freeze to death or so. I heard it is better to leave them in containers for some time before planting them directly into the garden, and I would also like to see them flower before I plant them so that I can choose which roses would fit into which space in the garden (in terms of colour for example).
      I am quite excited about their first bloom and I so hope that they will bloom in spring! It will be very surprising for me because the baby roses aren´t labelled. I took the cuttings at the rose garden at Hermesvilla and the roses there (unfortunately) don´t have any name tags. The only thing I am sure about is that the cuttings are all from old rose varieties.
      You might want to give rose propagation a try. Maybe it works out for you too. You don´t need much for it, so I think it is definitely worth a try. I read that it is also possible to just stick the cuttings into a flowerbed in the garden and let them root there, though I haven´t yet tried it. I am sorry to hear that you lost some of your ordered baby roses. I could imagine that it is more difficult to grow baby roses in your much hotter climate.
      Kind regards,


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