Freitag, 7. April 2017

Orangery Schönbrunn

Dear readers, 
last week I visited Schönbrunn´s orangery, which was built in the eighteenth century for overwintering the Habsburg Monarchy´s plant collection. Since then the orangery has regularly been renovated and the plant collection has increased. As you will see from the pictures I took, the orangery is still used for overwintering plants, some of these plants being over 150 years old. Hope you enjoy!

I really liked the old brick floor!

I was really impressed to see how well the plants looked, considering that the containers are quite small.


                                                            Wish you a sunny week!
                                                                       Best wishes,


  1. Lovely series of pictures! These buildings are so elegant. Groetjes Hetty

  2. Dear Lisa, I always have loved orangeries and this is a particular beautiful one. Like you I really like the brick flooring as well.
    Isn't it amazing that they store plants there that are older than usually human beings get?!
    Wishing you a nice spring weekend!

    1. Dear Christina,
      I too love greenhouses and orangeries! Yeah, the age of some plants is amazing. They also have a large citrus tree collection in Schönbrunn, some of them dating back to the Habsburg Monarchy. There will be a citrus exhibition in the orangery in May and I am really looking forward to seeing their citrus collection.
      Thanks Christina! Wish you a lovely spring weekend as well!


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