Sonntag, 17. September 2017

My kitchen terrace

Dear readers,
in my last post I told you that I moved to a new flat with three terraces. The last two months I have been moving into the new flat, moving all my stuff, furnishing the rooms and of course started planing and planting the terraces. This was an exciting process and in this post I´d like to show you how my kitchen terrace turned out. As the terrace is situated next to my kitchen I thought it´d be nice to plant some herbs and vegetables. I bought two raised beds and  planted them with lavender, sage, thyme and with some salads and vegetables. Most of the herbs I planted are evergreens so I hope that the terrace will also look nice during winter. The big tree in the middle of the terrace is an ilex tree that will also stay green during winter. The large white/grey planters under the separating wall were already there when I moved in. In one of the containers there is David Austin rose Princess Anne, which my mum planted some years ago and in the other container I planted an espalier apple tree. I thought an apple tree would also fit the theme of a kitchen terrace. I hope that all the plants will establish well.
I wish you a lovely week!
Best wishes,


  1. Dear Lisa, look at that! It is like you Lived here for years. I like the way you pained your bench. Is it white or pale blue? To grow herbs and vegs close to the kitchen is a good idea! Groetjes Hetty

    1. Dear Hetty,
      thanks a lot! The bench I painted in a light blue called "polar blau". While being on my garden vacation in England, I saw many benches and planters in blues. I really liked it and this is why I decided to paint my bench in blue.
      Best wishes,


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