Montag, 8. Januar 2018

A rainy winter day

Dear readers,
this winter so far has been very mild in Vienna. Everything in the garden seems a bit earlier than usual. It gives me the feeling that spring will come soon. This makes me happy and on my days off I visit my garden in the morning. It is just a three minute walk from my flat and even if it´s raining or windy I feel the urge to take a stroll through the garden. It has become a bit of a ritual now. Every time I visit, a new snowdrop seems to have opened its bud and other bulbs are on their way. My cyclamen coum I watch most closely. They have had buds for some time now. I can´t wait to see their little flowers. Every time I inspect them I think "It can´t be long now, can it?" Today when I was strolling through the garden everything was wet by rain. Night´s rain left thousands of water droplets on my plants, making the foliage look very beautiful. On my terraces the rain left the same lovely picture- all plants covered by little droplets. It looks especially lovely on silver-green foliage. I am in particular pleased with the look of my kitchen terrace today. I grow herbs and winter vegetables there. These look especially nice after the rain. 
Have a lovely day!
Best wishes,






  1. Dear Lisa, even on a rainy day you can enjoy the garden. I do the same, looking for new buds and snowdrops. The cyclamen are just starting to flower here. It is mild so far, but who cares? We gardeners don’t . Groetjes Hetty

  2. Your greens and herbs look beautiful! We've had such brutal cold spells here recently that even if I had remembered to plant greens they'd look awful by now. lol


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