Sonntag, 5. März 2017

Floral painting

Dear readers,
today I would like to show you some floral paintings I did over the last two months.
Here in Vienna January and February were extremely cold this year (it was the coldest winter in thirty years). Thus, while many bloggers proudly shared their first pictures of fresh shoots or were digging around in their gardens already, the ground was still frozen in my garden and all I could do was wait.
To pass these cold and dull winter months I bought some flowers from the florist, took out my abandoned watercolors from the basement and tried myself in floral painting. Painting these tulips brought me a lot of joy and helped me pass the time without gardening. Luckily, the weather has improved since I started painting tulips and I even did some gardening last week. I can´t wait to show you pictures of my garden and other gardens as soon as there is something worth sharing, but till then you might enjoy these tulip pictures.



I wish you all great weather for gardening! Enjoy the first signs of spring! And on cold or rainy days you might want to try some floral painting. Who knows, it might bring you as much joy as it brings me.
                                                                       Best wishes,


  1. I know how difficult it is to capure a tulip. well done! Love your paintings. Groetjes Hetty

  2. Dear Lisa, sorry to hear that January and February were so unusually cold in Vienna. That must have been hard. But now it is already March and things will get better.
    I simply love you tulip watercolors! You captured them so well.
    I also love the still life shots of the real tulips, your painted ones, and your painting accessories.
    Are tulips flowers sold with their bulbs in Austria? I have seen that on a Danish blog and they said that the tulips last much longer that way than when the blooms are cut off of the bulbs. Haven't seen any tulips offered like that in America. They offer forced tulips planted in little containers here, though.
    Warm regards,

    1. Dear Christina,
      thank you for your nice comment! Yes, it is suddenly getting warmer, which makes me totally happy! Usually tulip flowers are sold as cut flowers in Austria. However, this year I saw tulips with their bulbs at several florist shops. I was wondering about that too, because I have only seen tulips as cut flowers before or in pots with soil. I am not sure if it is a new trend, or maybe they have always offered tulips with bulbs and I just hand´t been aware of it. I also saw tulips with their bulbs in vases in some recent home and garden magazines and liked the look as well as the idea that you can plant them in your garden after wilting instead of throwing them away. However, they did not last longer than the tulips I bought as cut flowers. They lasted about a week. I think tulips with bulbs would also be a great present when you are invited to someone´s home. This way the person can not only enjoy the bouquet, but might also enjoy them the years to come.
      Best wishes,


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