Montag, 27. November 2017

Cottage Garden at Wisley

Dear readers,
today I´d like to show you the pictures I took of the cottage garden at Wisley in June this year. The cottage garden was laid out by Penelope Hobhouse, who is a famous garden designer and garden writer. I especially loved the entrance to the cottage garden -  huge rose arches with white rambler roses and clematis. I also loved the large containers, standing next to the rose arches, which fit the colour scheme very beautifully. The garden is planted with roses, catmint, lavender, poppies and many other bee friendly plants. Whereas the rose arches, the cobblestone way and the pond provide structure and formality, the planting itself seems rather informal and wild. I like such gardens in which the plants are allowed to grow freely, brushing you when strolling through the garden.
I hope you like this garden!
Best wishes,

1 Kommentar:

  1. Dear Lisa, it seems to me we did the same garden trip! I visited the rose garden of Wisley in Juli. The atmosphere was so peacefull. Your pictures do it right. Groetjes Hetty


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