Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

Gardener´s Propagation Week December 2017

Dear readers,
welcome to Gardener´s Propagation Week December 2017. When it comes to my garden, autumn and winter are really not my favourite times of the year. It is cold, and most foliage dies back, looking brown and rather ugly. However, there is much to do in the garden at this time of the year, for example removing thousands of leaves that have been falling from the trees over the last few months. So, even though it was quite cold and removing leaves is my least favourite job next to mowing the lawn, last week I went to my garden to remove the last leaves. Once I had finished removing the leaves from the lawn, I went to the flower beds, starting to remove some of the leaves from there too. At one shady corner in my garden, I planted some cyclamen coum early this year. As I  read that cyclamen coum like to be slightly covered by leaves, I only removed some of the leaves. And guess what I discovered while doing so? Very small cyclamen seedlings everywhere!!! I was so excited about all the small seedlings. In garden magazines I read that cyclamen coum might naturalise in the garden, but I certainly would´t have imagined that they would already do so only about 10 months after I planted them. Now, I am hoping that they will establish into healthy plants.   

On the left side you see two seedlings, on the right side the mother plant

mother plant on the left side,  seedlings on the right side

Today, I looked at them again. It has been snowing, so they are partly covered by snow now. The mother plants already produced buds, and I can´t wait to see them bloom. The seedlings, I guess, will need some years till they will bloom.

Here a picture from a mother plant in early spring. I think they are such beautiful plants.

What about you, dear readers? Do you grow cyclamen coum in your garden? Do they naturalise in your garden? Which plants self sow in your garden? You might want to participate in Gardener´s Propagation Week by writing a post on plant propagation on your blog, sharing the link in the comments. Have a great start to December!

Best wishes,


  1. Hi friend your article is Good, please visit my blog

  2. Dear Lisa, it happens in my garden too. Small baby plants, sometimes meters away from the mother plant. The more the better don’t you think? Groetjes Hetty

  3. Hello Lisa, I love Cyclamen I think it's beautiful,
    I already planted here. But I'm decreasing the garden
    as I work out many plants die.
    The year 2018 I want to be alone with succulents.
    There are many leaves here too. I bought one
    blower but it does not work.
    Gives sweeping work all sheets bagged and put
    In the trash; you can not use all of manure are many leaves.
    Good start to December.


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