Samstag, 16. Dezember 2017

Chatsworth House and Garden

Dear readers,
today I am showing you pictures of the beautiful gardens at Chatsworth House. I took the pictures while on an England vacation in September. There are several garden areas to be explored there, though this post focuses on the rose garden and the greenhouse. Did I tell you that I absolutely love greenhouses? Well, the greenhouse at Chatsworth is especially beautiful. Strolling through the conservatory, I discovered a huge collection of citrus trees, camellias, passion flowers, and even a beautiful pink climbing rose- such a lovely sight. The rose garden in front of the greenhouse is very formal, with roses imbedded with catmint. Only about three or four rose varieties were chosen and several plants of each variety were planted. I really liked their rose choices- Gertrude Jekyll, Jacques Cartier and Jubelee Celebration- all rose varieties I also have in my garden and really love for both their appearance and fragrance.
They also have a huge and beautiful kitchen garden at Chatsworth, which I will post about soon.
Have a lovely day!
Best wishes,

Rosa Gertrude Jekyll

Rosa Jacques Cartier

Rosa Jubilee Celebration

Rosa Gertrude Jekyll


  1. Dear Lisa, I have never visited this garden, but after seeing your pictures it is on my list! So much to see and you are right, the greenhouses are beautiful. Do you have a greenhouse? I have one of plastic! Groetjes Hetty

    1. Dear Hetty, yes, there are so many beautiful gardens to see, it is really difficult to find time for visiting them all.
      I don´t have a greenhouse, though I would love to have some. Maybe one day.
      Best wishes,


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