Donnerstag, 26. April 2018

Tulips from my cut flower patch

Dear readers,
not only do I enjoy having flowers in my garden, but I also enjoy them inside. Sometimes I buy cut flowers from the supermarket. However, the flowers from supermarkets don´t always look their best and sometimes they wilt very quickly. Florists offer a lovely variety of cut flowers, but they can be quite expensive. So why not pick my own flowers from the garden? Well, I always felt very reluctant about picking flowers from my garden. It made me think that something would be missing in my borders if I were to pick them for inside. Over the last few years there seems to be a trend in growing your own cut flowers in the garden. The idea is to create a patch that is entirely devoted to growing flowers for cutting. There are even some great books on growing cut flowers. Loving the idea of having my own flowers for cutting, I made a small cut flower patch in my garden in autumn and planted it with many tulip bulbs. Indeed, the tulips all developed buds, even though some in different colours than indicated on their labels. When the tulips finally seemed ready to harvest, I felt reluctant about picking them. Having especially made a cut flower patch for picking flowers, I didn´t seem to be able to pick them. But what is the sense of a cut flower patch if one doesn't pick the flowers? So, after some minutes, I overcame my reluctance, and picked a lovely bouquet of tulips. Even though it seemed so difficult at first, picking my own tulips soon became fun. I had so many tulips that I gave some to family and friends. And guess what, not only do they look pretty, but some are even fragrant (something I have never experienced with the tulips from the supermarket). It has also been lovely to see the tulips transform in the vases. I especially like the stage shortly before they wilt- the flower petals look as if they were made of silk at that point. What about you dear readers? Do you have a cut flower patch in your garden? Are you thinking about having one?
Have a great weekend!
Best wishes,

Tulipa La Belle Epoque. This tulip transforms from creamy white to pale orange.

Tulipa Blue Diamond

Orange coloured tulip "Brownie" is very fragrant.

Tulipa Brownie, Tulipa Blue Diamond, Tulipa Purple Crystal and Tulipa Viridiflora

Tulipa Blue Wow

Pictures of my cutting flower patch after I have already been picking some tulips. As you can see, there are still many to be picked.


  1. Ha Lisa, that is the spirit! Pick your flowers, they will not be missed in the garden. I felt the same when I was about your age, but is over! I pick flowers every week. Love the colour combinations. Groetjes Hetty

  2. I don't bring in flowers unless I am having company. Believe it or not I seem to have allergic reactions to flowers in the house. I think I am allergic to everything I love in the garden.

  3. Your blousey double tulips are really lovely, and make for a delightful display in your vase.
    There is something rather pleasing about being able to have your own home grown flowers to enjoy in the home.


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