Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Mompesson House and Garden

Dear readers,
the second garden I visited in Salisbury is Mompesson Garden, a garden by the National Trust. I hope you enjoy this beautiful garden as much as I did! 
Best wishes,

Two beautiful Magnolia grandiflora trees on the house wall.

This jasmine plant smelled so deliciously. It can be found a lot here in England. I would really love to grow it in Austria, but I think I think it is not hardy in my climate.

Lovely smelling sweet peas

Even the bathroom was decorated nicely with this lovely flower bouquet.

I love the way some plants grow in-between stones.


  1. Hi Lisa, even though I have been in the Salisbury area, this garden is completely new to me! So I am very happy to enjoy it vicariously through your photos. It is indeed a very beautiful garden and house!
    I hope you had time to visit the tea room and have a cup of tea and a piece of cake. For me that is definitively part of the pleasure of visiting English gardens :-).
    My husband and I are back home now, but I know the joy of being in England and visiting so many nice gardens and places will stay with me for a long time.
    Hope you have a wonderful time in England and that you see many more lovely gardens!
    Warm regards,

    1. Dear Christina,
      I am having such a wonderful time here. Your posts on English gardens always inspired me and I knew that one day I too have to visit England to enjoy some of these many lovely gardens. Hearing your back home, I hope you are enjoying your own garden at the moment, but I imagine that this will not have been your last garden vacation in England and I am sure you can thus look forward to many more English garden visits..
      Best wishes,


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